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Sunday Menu



Gordal olives £3.95

Salted almonds fried in olive oil £3.95

Sourdough garlic pizzabread with rosemary (V) £4.95

Insalata Prego: radicchio, pears, gorgonzola, walnuts, rocket and crisp sourdough (V) £7.45

Antipasti plates:

Prosciutto crudo, Milano salami, coppa di Parma, buffalo mozzarella,
olives, sweet pickled chillies and sourdough bread £9.95

Friarielli, sun-dried tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella, artichokes,
marinated peppers, olives, grilled vegetables and sourdough bread (V) £8.95

Crispy fried squid with rocket and dill aioli £8.45



Speciality slow-proven sourdough homemade pizza with fior di latte cheese, san marzano tomato sauce and Tuscan extra virgin olive oil


Fior di latte, Tuscan extra virgin olive oil and basil (V) £5.95/£9.95

Prosciutto cotto, mushroom and basil £7.95/£11.95

Cavolo nero, mushroom, roast peppers, fresh chilli and robiola (V) £7.95/£11.95

Coppa, walnuts, pesto, fresh rosemary and grana padano £7.95/£11.95

Tiger prawn, anchovy, sun-dried tomatoes, chilli and rocket (no cheese) £7.95/£11.95

Calabrian n’duja, Napoli salami, artichokes and basil £7.95/£11.95

Calzone with overnight wild boar and porcini ragu and grana padano £13.95



Slow-cooked rabbit ragu with pancetta, montepulciano, grana padano and pappardelle £13.95

Seafood linguine with mussels, clams, tiger prawns, anchovy, chilli, tomato and gremolata £14.95

Devon crab linguine with fresh hand-picked crab, cherry tomatoes, chilli, parsley and lemon £14.95

Wild mushroom pappardelle with white wine, grana padano, cream and truffle (V) £12.95

Orecchiette Norma with aubergine, slow-roast peppers, tomato, chilli, buffalo mozzarella and pangrattato (V) £12.95

Pork and beef meatballs in a slow-cooked san marzano tomato ragu, montepulciano with penne and grana padano £13.95

Calabrian n’duja with oven-roast peppers, mascarpone cream, tomato, rocket and orecchiette £12.95

Carbonara with guanciale, cream, free-range egg, grana padano and linguine £12.95


Side- Orders

Rocket salad with Amalfi lemon, grana padano and Tuscan olive oil £4.45

Mixed leaf salad with Tuscan olive oil £4.45

Tomato and red onion salad with oregano and Tuscan olive oil £4.45

Fennel salad with Tuscan olive oil and chilli flakes £4.45

Roasted potatoes with rosemary £3.95


Children’s Meals (scoop of ice cream included)

Penne pasta with tomato sauce or pesto £6.45

Meatballs with tomato sauce and penne £6.45

Pizza margherita with tomato sauce and fior di latte £6.45

Pizza Napoli with salami, tomato sauce and fior di latte £6.45

Gluten free penne pasta is available on request (subject to availability)
Please allow 15 minutes for cooking
Please let your server know if you have any dietary requirements
Discretionary 10% service charge on tables of 5 or over